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Rotoscoping is an animation technique used by animation experts to trace over a motion picture footage, frame by frame, when realistic action is required. Rotoscopy services is widely used for visual effects in Hollywood movies, TV Series & TV Commercials. It is mainly done to have the realistic effect on a normally done action sequence. Nowadays, VFX have become so advanced that some motion pictures are solely made using Rotoscope techniques. Most of the music videos produced now a days also depends heavily on rotoscoping technique for music video to apply visual effects on them.

3D Services India is a premiere VFX Rotoscoping Outsourcing Company. We are a Rotoscoping Studio, who delivered high-end results with the help of our Rotoscope Artist. We are a team of Roto Artist who find VFX to be our passion. We work towards achieving a high-quality of imaging that visually satisfies our clients. We have created a large USP in all these years of experience and we offer Rotoscoping Studio Services to those who believe in quality. We thrive on the idea that we get to create the most innovative of creative stuff and help our client reach that level of exposure. The more the quality, the more access you get to your demographic. Our expert team of Rotoscoping Artist and technology experts leave no work behind when it comes to fulfilling client’s criteria and giving them more than they’ve asked for.

Work with a team of rotoscopy masters! Our rotoscoping studio services can help create astonishing video that is ready to make an impact on your viewers. We extract and place your characters and other video elements within the scenes you choose, so that you can see your vision in action! Everything customized, according to your needs.