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Animation is a dynamic medium in which images or objects are manipulated to appear as moving images. Animating objects that appear in a three-dimensional space. They can be rotated and moved like real objects. 3D animation is at the heart of games and virtual reality, but it may also be used in presentation graphics to add flair to the visuals.

The field of 3D animation is extensive.  Also known as 3D CGI or visual storytelling, it is both exciting and new for both the creator as well as the audience.  In recent years as the popularity of 3D animated movies and television shows has grown, so has the industry.  Movies like “The Croods and “Cars”, or “Ice Age” and “The Incredibles” are all examples of 3D animation.

Today most animations are made with computer-genetated imagery  (CGI). Computer animation  can be very detailed 3D Animation


Benefits and its importance

These services consists of different features such as 3D Media, Web Media, Marketing Media, Mobile Media and Outsourcing Media. For Example the 3D modeling animations displays different effects such as the movement of the lips and physical body that can deliver great entertainment to the viewers. The use of 3D animation can not only attract the viewers for the particular product or service but also can showcase the overall standard and vision of your business. The 3d animation services are one of the amazing methods not only for a specific product or service but also for an organization as a whole. Let us see some of the benefits of 3D Animations:

In the world of animation, there are two types of animators, 2D and 3D.  Essentially, they do the same job.  Both suggest new ideas, usually to a team, complete a certain amount of research to ensure their ideas are original and engaging, then render them on paper, or with the use of computer software.  But, that’s where the similarities end.  In simplest terms, 2D animators create flat images, which have width and height but no depth. 3D animation is more realistic because of the addition of depth.  Adding depth creates more life-like characters, and it is much easier for 3D animators to make changes to a scene because they can move or transfer an object more easily, whereas, in 2D animation, the animator must draw the scene all over again if any changes are necessary.

People who work in the field of three-dimensional (3D) animation create visual effects and animated characters for television, video games, and other electronic media.  Many animators work in the movie and film industry.  3D animators create moving images using digital models and add details to the pictures, such as landscapes, skin color, or clothing.

Best Software for Maya


If you wish to create or develop games, 3D scenes, movies, or people, Maya is definitely one of the best 3D animation software tool available. Although a paid software, Maya 3D animation creator does complete justice to its various features of coloring, animating, and modeling. The features are-

  •  30 days free trial
  •  Uncomplicated software
  •  Create complex technical effects
  •  High-level animation edits
  •  Perfect accuracy and control
  •  Create flying logos, titles sequences, branding, etc.
  •  Higher performance in high fidelity environment

What Does a 3D Animator Do?

Someone who works as a 3Danimation artist may also have the job title of multimedia artist. In a typical day, they take on a variety of responsibilities for the purpose of planning and crafting their art form.  Some of the specific job duties of a 3D animator may include:

  • Creating animation and graphics with the aid of computer illustrations and software programs.
  • Spending time researching the project to get ideas for animation.
  • Creating a working model of scenes to be animated in movies, television, or video games. This process is called storyboarding.
  • Receiving feedback from clients and the rest of the design staff and incorporating the responses into project edits.
  • Where Do 3d Animators Work?
  • Most people with jobs in 3D animation work in offices. 3D character animators may also work in film and video production studios, public relations offices, advertising agencies, for software publishers, graphic design firms, Multimedia Firm, computer systems design firms, web design firms, and teach at colleges and universities.
  • They typically have a workstation with a large drawing board, a computer, and numerous software programs that enable them to complete their work. Some may work out of their own home or rent office space if they are self-employed. People in this profession usually work full-time during typical office hours, but need to remain flexible to work in the evening or on weekends when deadlines are approaching.


Uses of 3D Animation 

Recently, animation has come into its own in various industries.  More and more people, however, are finding it a useful tool for a variety of purposes.  Granted, when it began 3D animation was used mainly in the making of movies. Now the use of 3Danimation is branching out into fields as diverse as medicine, business and architecture.

Another important sector in which 3D animation is used today is gaming, for which many 3D artists are needed to create the assets used in game worlds.  These objects can be seen from any angle, necessitating their sintricate construction in 3D-mapped space. The corporate world uses 3D animation for presentations, marketing, education and training, to illustrate trends in markets, and so on.

3D animation can be found everywhere today.  Its effectiveness and strength lies in the fact that it is an widely useful technology that can be used to produce any sort of images: realistic, fantastic, pragmatic, innovative.  The only limit to what it can do is really the imaginations of the animators.  The field has a bright future, a well-established one as well as one that is getting new innovations all the time.


animation is used by architects for buildings they design and ship makers can design ships also. Many physical product manufacturers like bicycle designers, car makers, computer chip designers, all can utilize 3D animation. In medicine, 3D animationcan be used for training and simulation


3D animation technicians, also known as 3D animators or multimedia animators, use computer software to create and edit 3D animation and effects. Average salaries vary depending on the industry in which technicians work. Education and career requirements also influence the amount of money made by 3D animators. A bachelor’s degree in computer graphics or another relevant field is generally required.

An Animator, 3D earns an average salary of Rs 294,147 per year. The skills that increase pay for this job the most are Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and Autodesk 3ds Max. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 10 years in this career.


Degree Level None, but bachelor’s degree often required
Degree Field(s) Graphic design, art, computer graphics, or related field
Licensure/Certification Voluntary software certifications may be available
Experience Demo reel or portfolio required; video/television production or video game experience could be plus
Key Skills Sketching and graphic design skills; knowledge of 3D animation software
Job Outlook (2014-2024) 6% growth (for multimedia artists and animators)
Average Annual Salary (2015) $70,300 (for multimedia artists and animators)



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